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Fink Made Easy: Phynchronicity

Install Unix Software: Quick and Easy!

Phynchronicity makes it easy to install thousands of Unix software packages for Mac OS X. Powered by the Fink Unix-software management system, Phynchronicity's familiar three-pane interface lets you get started doing what you want to do--finding, installing, and removing software.

Why Phynchronicity?

Easy to use solution for managing Fink software packages and the Fink infrastructure.

Search and sort Fink packages by keyword, category, and more.

Export Fink logs to text and printed output.

Growl integration.

Fast: Phynchronicity doesn't bog down system resources.

Thorough user documentation via the "Help" menu.

Dispay detailed information about Fink packages.

"Fink still requires some command line chops, so Phynchronicity takes the Fink idea to the next level."--The Unofficial Apple Weblog

Get Phynchronicity

To install Phynchronicity, download the latest version. It can be installed anywhere on your machine. Earlier installations can be moved to the trash. The download is a 30-day demo; you can purchase a license to use the program past the 30-day trial period. Mac OS X 10.6 is the minimum supported platform. A Fink installation is required.

Upgrading Phynchronicity from Earlier Versions

Registered users of our applications receive free upgrades for life, and never have to pay an upgrade fee.

What's New in Version 4.2

  • Numerous bugfixes for improved Lion compatibility.

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