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Thu, 08 Feb 2024

Manpower 8.0

I'm pleased to announce a major release of Manpower, my man page viewer for macOS and--after many years--Linux.

Version 8.0 finally brings Manpower to Linux, 16 years after its initial release on macOS in 2008. This seems like an obvious move to make, but I have not done serious work on Linux until the past few years, when I was implementing some cross-platform Tcl/Tk features that required me to work on Linux as well.

I'm very pleased that there is feature parity between the Mac and Linux versions; the Linux version is even scriptable from the command line and from other apps through a dbus interface.

I believe Manpower is a very robust, user-friendly browser to man pages that is superior to navigating through a console, because it lets you access a system's entire inventory of man pages just as if you were browsing email.

Manpower is free and open-source, released under the MIT license.

You may also notice, on my product page, that I have decommissioned several apps, including Port Authority, Stringscan, and FileMorph. This is a deliberate decison - I want to focus on just a couple of apps and really make them shine using Tcl/Tk 9.0. Manpower is the first result of this effort.

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