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Easy File Modification: FileMorph

Developer: Kevin Walzer
Open Source License: MIT License

  Download Mac Version

  Download Windows Version (64-bit only)

Batch Rename and Modify Files in a Flash

FileMorph is a powerful application for batch renaming of files and modification of file attributes. Combining elegance, speed and simplicity, FileMorph makes the process of changing large numbers of files--ranging from one to dozens--easy and painless.

Why FileMorph?

  • Faster than clicking files one-by-one to rename.
  • More intuitive than other dedicated file-renaming-and-modification tools that feature an overwhelming variety of options and/or a complex interface.
  • Less error-prone than using command-line programs to do do file-renaming or modification operations.

Installing FileMorph

To install FileMorph, download the latest version. It can be installed anywhere on your machine. Mac OS X 10.15 and Windows 10 are the minimum supported platforms. A donation will be requested to support the application's continued development.

What's New in Version 4.0

  • Major UI refresh.
  • Support for dark mode on macOS.
  • Streamlined Windows installation.