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! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
!  fr.rc
!  This file is part of Unifix BWidget Toolkit
!  Definition of french resources
! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

! --- symbolic names of buttons ------------------------------------------------

*abortName:    A&bandonner
*retryName:    &Réessayer
*ignoreName:   &Ignorer
*okName:       &OK
*cancelName:   &Annuler
*yesName:      &Oui
*noName:       &Non

! --- symbolic names of label of SelectFont dialog ----------------------------

*boldName:          &Gras
*italicName:        &Italique
*underlineName:     &Souligné
*overstrikeName:    &Barré
*fontName:          &Police
*sizeName:          &Taille
*styleName:         St&yle
*colorPickerName:   &Couleur...

! --- symbolic names of label of PasswdDlg dialog -----------------------------

*loginName:    Nom de l'&utilisateur
*passwordName: Mot de &passe

! --- resource for SelectFont dialog ------------------------------------------

*SelectFont.title:        Sélection d'une police
*SelectFont.sampletext:	  Texte d'exemple

! --- resource for MessageDlg dialog ------------------------------------------

*MessageDlg.noneTitle:      Message
*MessageDlg.infoTitle:      Information
*MessageDlg.questionTitle:  Question
*MessageDlg.warningTitle:   Attention
*MessageDlg.errorTitle:     Erreur

! --- resource for PasswdDlg dialog -------------------------------------------

*PasswdDlg.title:  Entrez le login et le mot de passe

! --- symbolic names of label of SelectColor dialog ----------------------------

*baseColorsName: Base colors
*userColorsName: User colors