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A class that shows a small determinate progress bar overlaid over your application's dock icon.

This is intended as a drop-in replacement for the NSProgressIndicator view, as it understands the same messages. You can even have the dock progress indicator forward all calls to the view, thus driving both without changing your existing code.


(c) 2005 by M. Uli Kusterer. You may redistribute, modify, use in
commercial products free of charge, however distributing modified copies
requires that you clearly mark them as having been modified by you, while
maintaining the original markings and copyrights. I don't like getting bug
reports about code I wasn't involved in.

I'd also appreciate if you gave credit in your app's about screen or a similar
place. A simple "Thanks to M. Uli Kusterer" is quite sufficient.
Also, I rarely turn down any postcards, gifts, complementary copies of
applications etc.

0.1 - Initial release.

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E-Mail me at witness (at) zathras (dot) de or witness (dot) of (dot) teachtext (at) gmx (dot) net