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       package require launcher

       launcher::launchurl url?

       launcher::launchfile file?


       launcher::getdefaultapp url

       launcher::setdefaultapp url path-to-app

       This  module  allows you to launch a URL or a file on the Mac using the
       system's default application for that URL or  file  type.  It  provides
       similar  functionality  to  the  "/usr/bin/open" command-line tool, but
       works without shelling out to an external  program.  The  package  also
       allows  you  to query the system for a default app for a particular URL
       type, i.e. http://, and also to set the default app  for  a  particular
       URL.  Finally,  the  module  provides a convenience function to get the
       current app path.


       launcher::launch file ~/Desktop/test.txt

       launcher::getapppath launcher::getdefaultapp http launcher::setdefault-
       app x-man-page [launcher::getapppath]

                                                        launcher(11 July 2015)
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